Joyful Business Podcast: Debbye Cannon

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Joyful Business Podcast: Debbye Cannon
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 18 Dec 2008
  • Duration: 25:07

In Episode #17, we talk to Debbye Cannon, owner of BusinessMom Mentor. Experience has made her a great resource for the BusinessMom who finds herself swallowed up with the demands of running a household, corralling kids, expanding business, and other responsibilities. After 25 years of creating her own entrepreneurial ventures and work in direct-selling companies, Debbye became the BusinessMom Mentor.
She enjoys speaking, teaching, and making “house calls” for Miracle Makeovers. Her passion is mentoring BusinessMoms around the globe to find the SMARTcutsTM to simplify life and create “serenity and prosperity” for their businesses and families.

Debbye offers some quick tips to us in this podcast on how to eliminate some of the distractions that keep us from doing the most important things for our business and our lives. She stresses the importance of not only surviving but succeeding. Take a few minutes and listen--who knows what organizing tips you'll discover!