Journey to SaaS: Startups | Marketing | SEO | Growth

by Ajay Paghdal

Journey to SaaS: Startups | Marketing | SEO | Growth
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 27
  • Last: 9 Mar 2018
Journey to SaaS documents Ajay Paghdal’s journey to building, launching, finding product-market fit and monetizing his first SaaS. As a non-technical founder coming from a SEO background, learning the ins and outs of SaaS, content marketing, advertising and email list building is a deep part of this journey. The show also gives you an insider’s look at how an expert at SEO applies organic search strategies to grow the business. The SaaS is a backlink building management system for agencies and SEO-saavy brands called BacklinkMama. Ajay also runs Manage Backlinks, which is a productized link building service.

Episodes (27)