Joint Venture Marketing University

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Joint Venture Marketing University
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Welcome to Michael Senoff's Joint Venture Marketing Podcast. Listen as we share the best secrets of joint venture marketing and the benefits of setting up this highly leveraged business strategy. The purpose of these interviews are to share the best strategies on how you can set up profitable joint venture deals with others. Learn what joint venture marketing is, the advantages of joint ventures compared to lead generation, how to find prospects for joint ventures, how joint venture marketing works and examples, how to get started, how to establish agreements, how to weed out winning deals from losers, the importance of market testing. You'll learn strategies for joint venture marketing in your business. And when you do, you will be able to make more money with less effort. Follow along and use these same strategies to set up a joint venture of your own. I know you will learn valuable inside secrets in this podcast series. This is an exclusive podcast from Michael Senoff at

Episodes (18)


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