Happiness - A Human Resource

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Happiness - A Human Resource
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  • Published: 25 Sep 2013
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Pic SourceThis podchat is in reference to a post and book discussion on my corresponding blog: Blog post: Promoting Happiness for Holistic Talent Management It's an interview with the author of Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness! Living the Life You Were Meant to Live, Alan Allard. I recommend you view the post, buy the book and listen to the Podchat. The Podchat discusses happiness from the view of it's value in the workplace through the lens of employee engagement, retention and company profitability. It's a suggested seminar-workshop or webinar that should be brought to an organization or offered at a conference. You can listen here: Subscribe and Access via iTunes - Subscribe to Podchats on iTunes Subscribe via Email - Subscribe to Podchats via email Enjoy! To contact alan - alan@alanallard.com Web Toolbar by Wibiya