A Podchat With Irene Becker - Transformational Catalyst

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A Podchat With Irene Becker - Transformational Catalyst
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  • Published: 6 Oct 2017
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From Pain To Gain: Ten 21st Century Leadership Lessons Learned © Irene Becker, Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™ | (IQ-EQ-SQ) Reach-Resonance-Results3Q Leadership™ Blog- 27,000+ Social Media Followers & Growing! Leadership is a 3Q equation supported by courage. Courage grows each time we align intelligence: (IQ) + humanity (EQ) + integrity (SQ) 9-17-2016 - Interviewer's Note: Though this interview was done several years ago, the insight and wisdom for leadership does not expire. Enjoy! Listen Now: Click to download This podchat is based on one of Irene's posts: If you are a trailblazer who wants to not simply optimize strengths but transform changes/challenges into a lever for your greatest ability; I hope this post will motivate you.If you are a leader who aspires to building an organization where purpose, engagement, innovation, communication, collaboration (the fire of human potential shines and grows); I hope this post will inspire you.If you are working/living on over-drive, stuck in a rut/stasis or feeling lost; I hope this post will motivate you to look within and reclaim your power.If you are a member of any ethnic group/gender that has traditionally be disenfranchised; I hope you will recognize your ability, our ability to light a candle that can drive unity and strength among all people sharing this earth.Since writing my story, Against All Odds, my journey has included some of the greatest challenges I have ever faced; I guess the pivot points in my journey were pain points that would have compelled most people to simply give up. As a young child, on a journey that encompassed tragedy, abuse, pain and a myriad of challenges I discovered that the greatest power we have is in the hope, faith, courage, integrity and humanity that lights a fire in our soul. I learned that the values we cherish are the formula for our greatest success or a descent into an endless trajectory of ego driven illusions that never really help us achieve our greatest purpose. I learned that we each have a unique footprint, a unique gift/contribution to share in our lifetime; each positive step forward that is alignment with hope, faith, courage, integrity and humanity takes us all forward.Success is a journey towards a greater goal; a courageous hike on a path replete with many challenges and failures. From Pain To Gain: Ten Lessons Learned Lesson One: Leadership is about thought and action; it is also about nurturing the greatness in others. We can all learn to lead forward in different ways, those who lead in a BIG way will be guided by a vision, a purpose and a commitment that is larger than themselves and speaks to the values/spiritual quotient that can guide us forward individually and collectively.Lesson Two: Those who abuse power, position to get ahead or dominate others may win in the short term, but their playbook will never give them the sense of fulfillment they truly desire.After our survival needs are met, we all seek to be loved. Love is what drive us all. We crave it, we need it, and those who abuse power will never truly find it.Lesson Three: Success is a me to we equation. Life, business and success are all human equations that rely upon the strength and integrity of the relationships we build and nurture. The global village that Marshall McCluhan spoke of in the 1970′s is now a reality, the social, digital and virtual landscape of our lives, our business and organizations is based on the relationships be develop. Success is a me to we equation. Lesson Four: The best business idea is impotent without the business strategy, financial capital, human capital to transform what is into what can be. Building a business, an organization, a professional practice requires not only courage and tenacity but the