Jetset Entrepreneur
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We live in a time where anyone can create a digital business, managing their day to day business right from their laptops and cell phones, working with a global workforce, right from their kitchen table, bedroom, or some exotic location anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. While many entrepreneurs are struggling to pay their mortgage or rent, a select few have broken the code. Amongst them, one stands out from the crowd. Daven Michaels, is a New York Times Best Selling Author, business maverick and global lifestyle expert, he travels the world living his true-life adventure, rescuing struggling entrepreneurs, helping them reclaim their time and lifestyle. Daven has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15, he has over 3 decades of experience turning multiple diverse businesses into multi-million dollar success stories. From the fashion business, designing clothing for the biggest bands of the 80’s and 90’s, to being the biggest electronic music event producer in the US, in the communications business, as a music & television producer, a pioneer in the outsourcing business, managing a team of 100’s of employees on 3 continents, he is an international speaker, mentor, consultant and coach… and he runs his empire from his laptop and cell phone from some of the most exotic places on the planet. While Daven is first to acknowledge he works hard, anyone who knows or follows him on social media, knows that Daven knows how to live life. He is a big believer in the philosophy of work hard, play hard. His goal and passion is to help you go beyond your limitations, beyond your business and turn your dreams and visions into reality. Join Daven Michaels and his specially selected guests as he takes you on an adventure. Daven will share with you and show you how to achieve greater success in your life, how to create an online business, how to free yourself from your office, how to travel the world, all while generating income… a lot of income… join Daven as he helps you create your new wealth and freedom lifestyle today.

Episodes (10)