Interview with Natalie Sisson: The Suitcase Entrepreneur

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Interview with Natalie Sisson: The Suitcase Entrepreneur
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  • Published: 21 Jun 2011
  • Duration: 28:37

Natalie Sisson immediately sprang onto my radar the minute I read the term The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

As a name it couldn't be more apt as Natalie is the perfect example of someone embracing the mobile lifestyle all made possible by today's technology. She travels around the world with a personal mission to go to at least half the countries in the world and she is currently on number 45!

Natalie has carved out a successfull, profitable business for herself by harnessing technology, social medaia and outsourcing and has since become an expert and coach for those looking to work from anywhere.

Coupled with her extensive travelling, Natalie is full of energy pursuing her passion for ultimate frisbee as she travels around the world.

Tune in to get some priceless tips on just how she does runs her business whilst living her dream.