Drezz Rodriguez – Episode 23
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  • Published: 10 Feb 2014
  • Duration: 01:11:10

Drezz Rodriguez

Today on the show we have

Drezz Rodriguez

I’m stealing this description from his Facebook Page:

Drezz Rodriguez is the creator of online graphic novels such as EL CUERVO and THE FIX. and he is a featured columnist and podcast personality at the WEBCOMIC ALLIANCE.

Drezz has an online gallery of his illustrated pop-culture portraits called AVATAR NOIR.

During the day, he is an award winning creative director for a brand image and marketing firm, a doting husband and loving father, and an enthusiastic creative type whose gears never stop turning.

Things mentioned in this episode:


From Twitter

@jasonloveslife@DrezzRodriguez What are the benefits to the Comic Blog Elite?

— All for a Punchline (@allforapunchlin) February 4, 2014

Answer from Drezz:

The Comic Blog Elite is set up similar to a toplist – and although it was originally meant for blogs and websites that talk ABOUT comics, there are actually quite a large number of comics on there. When I had my blog, I was actually in the top 5 sites on there – but I moved into doing El Cuervo and working with the Webcomic Alliance, and it dropped off the radar.

I don’t know who uses the site to find new comics, but it serves as a way to count traffic going in and out through their site + button. So I guess it works somewhat.