Financial Detox- Achieve Financial Independence

by Jason Labrum

Financial Detox- Achieve Financial Independence
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  • Last: 28 Dec 2017
Jason has been helping individuals, families and businesses with financial planning, portfolio management and business retirement plans since 1998. Jason spent 12 years at two major financial firms and in 2009 founded Labrum Wealth Management. He also founded Financial Detox® which is a consumer education brand, radio show on KFMB in San Diego, Podcast. Jason recently finished his first book also entitled Financial Detox® - Achieve Financial Independence and Manage Your Wealth for Maximum Impact. Jason is a dynamic speaker who isn’t afraid take on Goliath when it comes to wall-street and bad financial advice. Jason’s persistent attack on advisor and investor apathy which leads to behavioral blunders could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. Jason can help you avoid those behavioral blunders and grow or preserve your wealth in most organic way humanly possible leading to more life freedom and peace of mind.

Episodes (99)


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