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Virtually Real - Out to Lunch - It's New Orleans
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  • Published: 5 Oct 2017
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From the beginning of recorded history we ve had a fascination with the blurred lines between the real world and the supernatural world. Greek gods and Hindu gods were described as humans with superpowers who lived in other dimensions and interacted with people on Earth. In biblical times, an all powerful but invisible God granted some humans super powers, like parting seas and feeding multitudes. In our own times we ve continued to blur the lines between the real and non real worlds. We ve created a non real online world where a regular person can have a whole different persona on places like Facebook. We can strap on goggles and walk, swim and even fly, in what we call virtual reality. And when it comes to business, we re coming to accept the blurred line between transactions that happen in the online world and real world as perfectly normal. Peter s lunch guests are both on the cutting edge of this blurred line if in fact a blurred line can have a cutting edge. Stephen Morel is Chief Legal Officer at a company called Civic Source. Civic Source takes real world houses that are blighted or what they call "tax distressed" and puts them online where they are auctioned and sold. You can find Civic Source here in Louisiana, as well as Tennessee, Mississippi and Missouri. Since 2008 Civic Source has sold over 37,000 pieces of property. Matt Findley is President and Voice of Reason at inXile Entertainment. inXile is one of the most influential and successful creators of online games in the country. They re responsible for titles like The Mage s Tale, The Bard s Tale, and Wasteland. If you play video games you re already impressed. If you ve never heard of any of this, you re going to be impressed by the multi millions of dollars involved and the unique crowdfunding business model that inXile has pioneered. photos at Commander s Palace by Alison Moon.