The Incomparable Magazine Street - Out to Lunch - It's New Orleans

podcast It's New Orleans: Out to Lunch

The Incomparable Magazine Street - Out to Lunch - It's New Orleans
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  • Published: 9 Nov 2017
  • Duration: 22:58

We assume people like to visit New Orleans for the food and music. Which they do. But most music is at night. And there s only so many hours a day you can eat. If you visit Magazine Street on any given day you ll find tourists shopping alongside locals on almost every block of the 6 miles of stores that stretch from the Lower Garden District to Uptown. Magazine Street has been a commercial backbone of New Orleans since the city s inception. The street s contribution to our economy is as colorful as it is important. And it s chronicled in a new book, The Incomparable Magazine Street. Its author, historian John Magill, joins Peter Ricchiuti for this edition of Out to Lunch at Commander s Palace. Desiree Petitbon is a board member of the Magazine Street Merchants Association and co owner of Basics Underneath, one of the oldest stores on street, and Basics Swim and Gym, one of the newest. Desiree s first hand observations about the changes of both shoppers and shop owners along Magazine Street over the past two decades and John s centuries long historical perspective provide insights into where both local and nationwide retail trends are heading. Photos by Alison Moon.