Jambalaya Wedding Cake - Out to Lunch - It's New Orleans

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Jambalaya Wedding Cake - Out to Lunch - It's New Orleans
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  • Published: 19 Oct 2017
  • Duration: 23:12

In Louisiana, although gumbo and jambalaya are everyday foods, finding the time to make a good gumbo or jambalaya from scratch is not so easy. You can cut down on prep time by making these traditional dishes with a mix out of a box. If you re a purist, you might turn your nose up at that. On the other hand, there s Jambalaya Girl. Jambalaya Girl is a mix in a box that is an old family recipe created with input from legendary Chef Paul Proudhomme. Jambalaya Girl is also a real person. Her name is Kristen Preau Moore. Lauren Wightkin is part of the 4th generation of cake bakers at Swiss Confectionery, the New Orleans bakery where the family business has been making wedding cakes and other specialty cakes for nearly 100 years. On this edition of Out to Lunch, Peter Ricchiuti covers the New Orleans business field from an old family business that makes specialty items, to a recent business that packages traditional foods in little yellow boxes. Photos at Commander s Palace by Alison Moon.