It's About More Than Real Estate: With David Serpa

by David Serpa - Realtor

It's About More Than Real Estate: With David Serpa
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  • Last: 16 Oct 2017
This is the real estate show about so much more than real estate! I set out to talk to interesting people, in person, about what makes successful people successful. We are here to hack the algorithms of life! My guests have opinions and they are entitled to them. If that offends you, this isn't your show. Every week we will release two shows with real estate team leads, entrepreneurs, therapists, combat veterans, clairvoyants, and anyone that is interested in the "more" side of real estate and we will have fun doing it! I am a Marine Corps combat veteran, father of two, and successful real estate team lead of 27 agents! 100% of which, that have been here for over 18 months, make over $100,000 a year! If you enjoy the show please review, share, and keep listening! I'd love to hear your feedback! Who should I talk to next? On October 20th, anyone that has reviewed this show will be entered into a raffle to win an hour session with me where I can coach you on your team, get some feedback, or I will just have another great opportunity to meet another interesting person that has enjoyed the show! Thank you so much for listening!

Episodes (9)


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