High Science

by Scientists, Science Enthusiasts, and Potheads

High Science
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  • Episodes: 34
  • Last: 8 Mar 2018
High Science is a podcast where a few scientists and science enthusiasts spark up and talk about all things science along with some philosophy and math.

Episodes (34)


Groks Science Radio Show and Podcast

by Charles Lee and Frank Ling

People Behind the Science Podcast - Stories from Scientists about Science, Life, Research, and Science Careers

by Dr. Marie McNeely, featuring top scientists speaking about their life and career in science! Featuring experts in neuroscience, physics, chemistry, biology, life sciences, natural sciences, science, science policy, science communication, open journals, and more! Inspired by other scietists, Bill Nye, StarTalk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brain Science, Radiolab, Science Friday, Carl Sagan, grad student, post doc, Ted, Tedx, cosmos, and more

The Naked Scientists Podcast

by The Naked Scientists

Nerdy Show

by Nerdy Show Network

High Horse Radio

by High Horse Radio

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

by HowStuffWorks