Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show

by Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show

Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
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  • Last: 22 Dec 2017
In the midst of a culture of chaos, a clear voice is necessary to cut through the noise and challenge the prevailing narrative of the day. The Establishment liberals and their minions in media, education and politics have confounded and distorted the debate on any and every issue in America. With their false presumptions, intimidation, denial of reality, and hostile purposes, they have perpetuated an erroneous view of everything we hold dear and sacred in this civilization and enacted a brutal agenda that is forcefully advancing. Their tactics threaten the very foundations of our civil society. We need to equip freedom-loving Americans so we can stand and defend our families, our liberty, our churches and our heritage. And we need to rally the troops. So listen up. And stop believing the hype out there. It’s time to hold their feet to the fire!

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