All Independent Music Weekend Showcase - Powered by the Just Happy Hours app

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All Independent Music Weekend Showcase - Powered by the Just Happy Hours app
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 18 Feb 2018
  • Duration: 03:53:01

The BEST Independent Music from around the world: EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...hosted by DTong

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Jim Wyly's Debut Solo Album: The Artisan

Mysterious Happenings

Tenebrous by G.A. Renteria

Binance: #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange

Magdenia: A Story of Escape, A Story of Love

Hypnosis Everywhere w/ Ines Simpson

Coinbase: Buy & Sell Crypto

Also New Music from:

Deltiimo 'Welcome To The Real World'

Cristiana Di Palma w/ a Back2Back

Brittany Craft 'Facade'

Bygone Civility 'Circling Again'

Cody Alan 'PrettyDamnCold'

Striving For The Sea 'Beginning'

Chris Paine & The Lettertrain 'Down On Luck'

Synergy Centric 'High Up!'

Scrambled Craigs Project w/ a Back2back

Lucky Doug Fergus 'Canadian Woman'

Kent Osborne 'Dark Thoughts (No Good)'

Blue Painted Flag 'Basically Everything Is Just a Play'

Nemo James w/ a Back2Back

Deezy Diablo 'I'm So Starry'

ResoBankroll & Manny Crisco 'All On Me'

Go10 'Who Knew'

King Jack w/ a TriplePlay

Nuworld Kayo 'NY'

Young Chris The Artist w/ a Back2Back

Markyy Mark 'Roll'in'

Freshlee-5nipes & TheFFN 'Bertolli Actually'

Black Beatz 'Awon Temi'

Mack Mj 'Mind Games'

Tomohito 'Pharaoh'

Raji 'Love Vudoo'

M-$wift 'New Beginnings'

RMZ Keez Natas 'On Lock'

Philemon 'Cooking wit Betty'

Doefresh 'Rule The World'

Fossil w/ a Back2Back

Sonu Tha Kid ft. Iamsu! 'Language'

Synergy Centric 'High Up!'

AP NA$ 'Check'

DeAndre 'Favors'

K.E.L.O 'Alaska'

Grey Charles 'Pass The Time'

Anton Kapucinov 'Soul Vain'

Mason Hoi 'Sayorinara'

Shazet Sounds 'Kau Ingat Kau Gempak

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