DIY Video Guy TV

by Caleb Wojcik — Film Maker & Web Video Creator

DIY Video Guy TV
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  • Last: 23 Dec 2017
If you’ve ever thought to yourself, how you can start making videos, what camera you should buy, how you can make your videos look better, where you should host your videos, or how you can shoot and edit videos faster, this is the podcast for you. I'll share everything I've learned about making videos for the web the past few years and help you determine whether video can actually help you grow your business and how it would do so. Whether you already have a successful YouTube channel, are just now dabbling with Vines, Instagrams, and Snapchat stories, or are making a full-on video based training course, you’ll learn how to make your videos better, faster, and more profitable here at DIY Video Guy. Hosted by Caleb Wojcik.

Episodes (110)