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Christian Patriots Network is a media outlet that utilizes print and radio to spread the word of globalism and the amount of tyranny that faces us today while maintaining a focus on God’s Word. Founded in 2013, Christian Patriots Radio started off as a news source to keep God’s message at the forefront of today’s issues. There are many ways to follow the radio shows via social media and other means. We are a network that is organic and will evolve with time. Please be a part of our growth by engaging in talks on the radio shows, and sharing our news articles on your social media sties. Invite your friends to be a part of this exciting time we are experiencing here at Christian Patriots Network. We look forward to hearing from our listeners and seeing the spread of news that is so important to our growth. Stay informed and up to date on the news by visiting for show times and bios about the shows and hosts. Thank you, and we look forward to serving you as your trusted source of researched news. Let us know of any questions, concerns, ideas, or topics you may have. If you would like to be a guest or if you have any information for us please email the network at Thank you again for the support! In Liberty accordance to God, Christian Patriots Network

Episodes (268)