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Castwave Studios
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  • Last: 13 Jul 2017
In 2009, longtime friends Justin Eisenstadt and Colin Caccamise began collaborating on a podcast called "Boldly Going Nowhere". In the beginning, they mused about society, college life and the general minutia of the twenty-something. Sean Holmes, who joined in 2010, brought a fresh new sense of humor, as well as some newer equipment and insane attention to audio detail that was lacking in the early episodes. Sean was moonlighting as a host on BGN as well as his own show, B & S Reviews, with childhood friend Benjamin Price II. They had a similar format to BGN, but with a far different approach which worked well with their style of comedy. Eventually, Sean had the idea to combine efforts and bring the shows together and create something more. The idea was a studio where local podcasters could pool their resources and create more than just audio content. Audio, video, photography, music, comedy, these were all things that were now being created under the umbrella of Castwave Studios. Soon after the two shows merged as a studio, they opened a new segment called "BGN Correspondence", which was series of short reviews and sketches cultivated into introducing more content to the website. Out of this show came two segments in particular, One Drunk Geek and The SynapZe Reviews..., One Drunk Geek became its own show hosted by Brian Massey, whereas The SynapZe Reviews... was a testing ground for Jordan Hazelwood's work on Geek Criteek, both shows have now become staples of the Castwave Studios channel on YouTube. With all this that happened in only three years, we're still on the lookout for new talent, new shows and new guests to host! Castwave Studios, it's entertainment for nerds, by nerds.

Episodes (250)