Welcome To Riverdale | Ep 25: The Wicked and the Divine [ #WTRpod ]

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Welcome To Riverdale | Ep 25: The Wicked and the Divine [ #WTRpod ]
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 4 Feb 2018
  • Duration: 37:39

Carefree Black Nerd Presents: “Welcome To Riverdale.”

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Cruel Intentions meets Mean Girls meets 90210 meets every other late 90’s + early 2000’s movie or television series. Riverdale is a dark and twisted ride full of race bent characters, forbidden love affairs and a host of other angsty dramatic storylines jam packed into one hour and wrapped up in a beautiful in-continuity bow every Wednesday.

Join Rhayne Coleman for a weekly look into Season 2 of the newly rebooted Archieverse in the CW’s teen drama, Riverdale.

Episode 25: The Wicked and the Divine

Favorite Character this week: Alice Cooper [ + Everybody Black ]
Favorite Scene: Alice cleaning the blood.

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