BurghLife FM

by BurghLife

BurghLife FM
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 10
  • Last: 28 Jun 2015
BurghLife FM is a fresh, fun (and funny) new talk show featuring subjects that you and your friends are already talking about -- or should be. From semi-serious ("Have cell phones annihilated our social skills?") to downright yinzerrific ("Pittsburghese: lovable or laughable?"), the show's topics are sure to draw you in...with clear, crisp audio that makes you feel like you're a part of the conversation. (Now that we've mentioned it, we really DO encourage you to be a part of the conversation! Share your impressions of BurghLife FM on BurghLife.com or our Facebook page -- www.facebook.com/BurghLife, or interact with us on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.) BurghLife FM is hosted by Koz -- former on-air DJ at WYEP, one of Pittsburgh's best radio stations -- and Goldie, former goddess of her college radio station (and frequent guest of Koz on his WYEP show). It's always a fun time on BurghLife FM, so tune in and subscribe, yinz guys and girls! This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

Episodes (10)


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