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  • Last: 18 Feb 2018
Hey! We're BroVision, your one stop podcast for all things manly! We talk movies, tech, sports, music, and anything else bro-worthy! We're YouTube vloggers who get together and chat, so we thought we might as well broadcast it! Your Hosts: Brady: Teenager from Orlando. Runs a YouTube channel called Around Orlando Vlogs, which centers around the theme parks. He also does awesome guitar covers! Conner: Also from Orlando, Conner vlogs about music, his life, and most recently, theme parks. His channel is called Conner Wight. Gary: The only guy on the podcast from England! His YouTube is That Florida Guy, ironic since he's from England, but he spends a lot of time in Orlando, Florida! Tim: Last but not least. Tim is one of the coolest dads on the planet! He also happens to be Brady's dad, which explains why Brady is so cool! You will see him often in Brady's vlogs and also streaming on Periscope. Follow us on Twitter! BroVision: Brady: Conner: Gary: Tim: Check out the BroVision YouTube channel and our vlog channels! BroVision: Brady/Tim: Gary: Conner:

Episodes (5)


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