Both Barrels - The FNGRGNS Podcast

by Ross Keniston

Both Barrels - The FNGRGNS Podcast
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 6
  • Last: 3 Mar 2017
Welcome to Micstand! What the hell is Micstand I hear you ask? Well, Micstand is a brand new podcast series which aims to explore the world through conversation. Each week a new guest will join host Ross Keniston and discuss anything they're interested in, and in turn educated the most uneducated host on God's green earth. Former games enthusiast press journalist Ross Keniston is attempting to explore the world from the comfort of his podcast studio and is enlisting the help of those he's met around the world to allow him to do such a thing. Micstand episodes will be available on YouTube and iTunes. Got a story to tell? Head up Ross on Twitter: E:

Episodes (6)


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