BOOTH ONE - Celebrating Culture and Conversation

by Gary Zabinski, Roscoe Fraser

BOOTH ONE - Celebrating Culture and Conversation
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 73
  • Last: 5 Mar 2018
Host Gary Zabinski and friend and sidekick Roscoe engage in the art of lively conversation from the vantage point of BOOTH ONE (formerly known as TalkSports). In the heyday of the Pump Room at the Ambassador East Hotel here in Chicago, Booth One was the most sought after seat in the house, as the privileged celebrities and other luminaries who were seated there could be seen from the lobby, the bar and the rest of the room. A place to see and to be seen. Sadly, the original Booth One is now lost to the ages, but still resides as a display in the lobby of the UP Club at the Second City. On our BOOTH ONE podcast, we attempt to revive that feeling of being in the best seat in the house by seeking out and describing our Booth One experiences for our listeners. We’ll be talking about our recent Booth One brushes with famous guests, first class events, and behind-the-scenes encounters. We’ll also continue to have Booth One conversations covering a variety of topics, both current and esoteric. We’ll send Roscoe and Gary to some of the more exotic places and events in this great metropolis and beyond, looking for Booth One-type experiences to share with you. Anything is fair game on BOOTH ONE, reflective of the kinds of conversations that must have taken place in the legendary Pump Room’s first-class seating. Be a fly on the wall as Gary and Roscoe attempt to recreate the magic, mystery and mischief of the BOOTH ONE experience for your amusement and edification! Send us your Booth One experiences and we’ll share them with our listeners on the podcast. Your reservation to BOOTH ONE is waiting!

Episodes (73)