BBB 07  Feng Shui Your Home and Love Life.
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 30 Jan 2015
  • Duration: 54:55

In this episode some of the things you may learn include;

  • How to use of space, colour, art and music etc; to refresh your mind and relationships.
  • Why it is important to spring clean your home and your handbag.
  • How to create a nourishing living space and support structure for your romantic relationship.
  • Entrepreneurial tips to create and sustain a global business.
Sara-Shivani talks with Mark Ainley, a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant and Piano Expert. Mark travels the world sharing his passion and wisdom. He offers a simple, practical and highly effective approach to the ancient system of Feng Shui so we can better our homes, relationships and lifestyle.