Boaber and Ric: Adventures in Absurdity

by Jim and Ric

Boaber and Ric: Adventures in Absurdity
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 2
  • Last: 8 Nov 2006
Boaber & Ric is a surreal, character driven sitcom featuring the most impressive array of silly Scottish accents ever assembled in one podcast. Ric, Boaber's carer, has been instructed to assist Boaber with becoming a a part of civilised society. Boaber's antics test Ric's sanity and drive the rest of Heston's residents up the wall. Nobody really knows quite what made Boaber so 'mental' - or why there is so much government interest in his treatment. The village of Heston was chosen because they believed it would present a consistently normal environment for Boaber to interact with. As Ric will discover, nothing could be further from the truth. The reclusive village of Heston lies on a fault line between the sublime and the ridiculous and Ric is caught in the middle. Battles will be fought. Friendships will be forged. Microwaves will be stolen.

Episodes (2)