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This will be a podcast specifically used for the distribution and thoughts of Blood Sausage Radio and all of its crew. The radio show is a podcast in which discussions take place on the subjects of life, art, entertainment, video games, porn, stuff, sports, culture, politics, philosophy, dreamholes and everything under the sun; nothing goes untouched by the bobcats contributing to the experimental podcast pieces that will be uploaded experimentally through use of experiment. Get ready for some holy groans. You are viewers.

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Bad at Sports

by Bad at Sports

Kickass News

by Mathis Entertainment, Inc.

Project Moonbase – The Historic Sound of the Future | Unusual music show | Podcast | Space cult |

by Project Moonbase - DJ Bongoboy & MC Zirconium - Futurologists, antiquarians and explorers in the outer realms of the music multiverse

National Gallery of Art | Audio

by National Gallery of Art, Washington

Pop Culture Tonight

by Patrick Phillips: Entertainment Anchor