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Big JuJu Media Radio
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  • Episodes: 176
  • Last: 7 Mar 2018
Welcome to witty, wild, wacky, and weird world of Big JuJu Media and its fictional lunacy of the "Big JuJu Media Radio Show." The Mission at Big JuJu Media is to "tell it like it is" by saying what everyone else is REALLY thinking even when the mainstream media WON'T say it, and to call B.S. on the establishment, the media, the political class, the elitists, the Idiots, and America's mediocre masses, and laugh at all of them -- because it's not about what they believe, it's about what they deserve. And the stupidity of idiots deserves to be laughed at (on their road to eternal purgatory). Enjoy the maximum absurdist humor (and comedy improv) with Pastor Pernid Ferner, Katherine Damiana Milieu, Steve Steinburg, Jordan McNamara, Jonathon Knightsbridge, and Arthur La Ja Joie JuDour, on the Big JuJu Media Radio Show -- calling B.S. on reality by laughing at its utter stupidity and absurdity -- for a really witty, wild, wacky, and weird time. This show contains explicit content and is NSFW.

Episodes (176)


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