Between The Sheets with Gaye Ann Bruno


Between The Sheets with Gaye Ann Bruno
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 24
  • Last: 29 Nov 2013
Our ringleader, Gaye Ann Bruno and her diverse group of “girlfriends” — Lisette Azar, Carla Collins, Nicole Jackson Jones, Durga McBroom-Hudson, Shawne White, Gabrielle Abitol, Vicki Wagner & Tracy McCormick — leave no stone unturned as they discuss various topics ranging from sex, music, spirituality, philosophy, politics and more, in this tongue-in-cheek unfiltered, un-PC, explicit & raw podcast. Managing to discuss at least 25 topics in a one hour roller coaster time frame, these ‘poddy’ mouth girls are “cool” enough to be invited into the boys locker room, and not feel out of place. They are equal parts funny, articulate, thoughtful, smart and cute, possessing just enough A.D.D. & O.C.D. to add to the chaos and comedy of each podcast. As our listeners can attest, Between the Sheets appeals to people of all ages and persuasions: women, men, gay, straight, bi and every color under the sun and we attract an interesting array of guests as well — often Gaye Ann’s industry friends — showcasing a fascinating mix of celebrities, authors, musicians, sex experts, psychics, and more...the list goes on. ​ If you want to be schooled on any topic, even ones too hot to handle, hang out with these girls for the education of a lifetime! Each week, they’re gonna push your buttons...

Episodes (24)


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