Bassman Records

by Tim Hamner

Bassman Records
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  • Last: 12 Feb 2008
Hey Bass Player! I am proud to present my Electric Bass Guitar series. This series will cover information for the beginner to advanced Bass Guitar student. The impetus for this project was my younger brother who is new to bass playing; I just wanted to pass along some of the things that I have learned throughout the 10 plus years of playing. I consider myself a solid player; not too fancy but LOTS of emotion! Music is about expressing what you feel to your audience and playing in a way that they can enjoy what your doing. Hope you like what you hear; drop me a line with your comments.

Episodes (19)


Good Life Project

by Jonathan Fields / Wondery

Colin Thomson: Do More

by Colin Thomson interviews musicians and entertainers like Bryan Callen and Bobby Owsinski , to get advice on what musicians should be doing today. Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Justin Timberlake should also come on the show, as well as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar. Reaching out to them if you know them :)