Balo Bruddas

by Balo Bros

Balo Bruddas
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 10
  • Last: 5 Mar 2018
Welcome to the Balo Bros podcast brought to you by Balowusu and Baloyemi, where we bring you non PC chat and banter, discuss previous and current experiences, current events, our uninvited opinions.. on everything.. and occasionally get serious on you guys and discuss some real issues in our society as well as give advice on things that we have gone through or are currently going through... Please remeber to leave a review on itunes and dont forget to tell a friend... to then tell a friend.. and if you have any dilemas or topics that you would like us to discuss, contact BB via-Links:    Baloyemi's Snapchat: @therealbaloyemi....balowusu's snapchat: @verified419...balowusus twitter: @veriified419....BB email:!-------

Episodes (10)



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