Baby Rabies

by Jill Krause

Baby Rabies
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In 2007 I was a career-driven, judgmental baby-phobe who caught a severe case of Baby Rabies (like baby fever but so much worse). By May 2, 2008 I was the mother of a colicky newborn boy who was my personal gift from Karma. The Baby Rabies Pod-ioBook is like an audiobook of my memoir about this 180 degree flip and 90 degree fall from my high horse. But it's coming at you in short 15-20 minute episodes, like a podcast. Because I'm betting you don't have much time to read things anymore, and you probably only get about 15-20 minutes a day to listen to stuff that is not suitable for small ears. To clarify that last part, it's got a touch of bad language and probably isn't something you want kids or employers hearing over your speakers.

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