Ep 32: The launch of “Dividends Day” (no money down).

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Ep 32: The launch of “Dividends Day” (no money down).
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 27 Mar 2017
  • Duration: 36:40
Ash and Ed are back for their biggest podcast ever with a PODCAST FIRST! Ring the "scoopla alarm"! In this episode: Marcia Hines scandal, a new segment "Who was Mark Holden hugging?", Ash reveals that he broke a huge recording artist, Ed reveals he almost broke a huge recording artist. Anthony Callea, GAZMAN shoutout, sharemarket floats, free money, launch of "Dividends Day", live comments to Julie Snook. And in a huge scoopla, LIVE PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT. If you would like to be involved in "Dividends Day" (no money down) email AshandEdPodcast@gmail.com If you would like tix to Ash's Festival show go to @ashwilliams1 on Instagram. And for tickets to "Ash and Ed" LIVE PODCAST on April 22 @3pm go to @AshandEdPodcast on Twitter. :))