Art Star Scene Radio

by FaceBoy FaceGirl

Art Star Scene Radio
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 108
  • Last: 1 Mar 2018
Birthed from the annals of downtown New York City’s gritty performance art scene of the mid-90’s and grown through the myriad formats in which we’ve presented our work, Art Star Scene radio is here! Live and uncensored, the main purpose of this show is to promote love, healing and mindfulness in both humorous and serious ways. You can be an Art Star too!!! As Rev. Jen once wisely said, “we are the least exclusive art movement ever. To be an Art Star all you need is your voice and the belief that someone is listening. Tune in and spread the spread the word, How wonderful it would be if every form of the Art Star Scene exploded around the world!!!

Episodes (108)



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