Episode 26: True or False??

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Episode 26: True or False??
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 19 Oct 2013
  • Duration: 01:17:24

We get back off our 2-and a half summer break and start the show with immediate information about different ways to listen to our episodes. We then start trying to see which of our episodes have the most listens in our “illustrious” history and relate Cameron to Hitler? We then try to think of any shenanigans that AmpLit can get into and record it and have fun and reminisce on previous Halloween costumes and potential dangers of Black Friday. We then transition and speak about the future of video games through Next Gen. We also give Call of Duty even more air time than it needs and discuss M-rated material for children and how having children at 15 leads to other issues. We then play a game of True or False with some current events and see how some panel members struggle with comprehending the question and call a panel member outside of his name. We then talk about height differential and if midgets reach for the stars. We then go on a tangent and try to relate breasts to fruits. We also talk about where morals should and shouldn't be, and finish with talking about why we believe female sports don’t get views. Don’t forget to email us at amplitpodcast@gmail.com and to find our other 25 episodes on iTunes or Podomatic at the links below. Also subscribe on iTunes, and like the facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and youtube pages.

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