Episode 24: Back on the Current Event Trail

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Episode 24: Back on the Current Event Trail
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 26 Jul 2013
  • Duration: 41:00

On this weeks episode, we talk about how we searched Craigslist for a female guest for a future episode. Then WeedPriest gets his 15 minutes of fame and now will never be allowed near a loaf of bread again. Then we talk about why you don’t go through another person’s phone. Then we go on a tangent and make comparisons between now and the 50’s. Then we hear some rape charges that we didn’t know existed. We then talk about how marriage + high school sweetheart= disaster and how Chris Brown just stays in the media. Don’t forget to send us emails for next episode at amplitpodcast@gmail.com and also like the facebook page at facebook.com/amplitpodcast. Episode Featured Perry Moore Jr., Travis Young, Cameron Anderson, and Matthew Jones.