AmnesiA - A Pretty Little Liars Podcast

by AmnesiA: A Pretty Little Liars Podcast

AmnesiA - A Pretty Little Liars Podcast
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Welcome to AmnesiA, a Pretty Little Liars recap podcast where every episode Courtney Powell & Daphne Gardner will mine their rotten brains and recap one entire season of PLL, prompted only by two-sentence episode descriptions off a little site called, maybe you've heard of it. Hot teens, murder, slutty adults, school dances, bad data recovery and more masks than you ever needed, Pretty Little Liars has it all. But like a car accident or a bad black out, PLL has left Courtney and Daphne with some serious #AmnesiA. So crack open a can of wine and join us for the fever dream re-telling of the trash teen masterpiece, Pretty Little Liars.

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