62 - The Girl Who Cried Sex Trafficking

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62 - The Girl Who Cried Sex Trafficking
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 4 Apr 2017
  • Duration: 02:51:59

This week we went and saw Doug Stanhope, Morgan Murphy, & Brett Erickson, followed by Dadany & Stevie being harassed and called faggot ass faggots (START-33:49) We discuss the Harley Quinn solo movie 'Gotham City: Sirens' and why it's going to be shit. Dr. Dadany also pitches his idea for a stand alone Poison Ivy origin story, which is brilliant. We discuss the United Airline Leg-Gate, followed by a kid brought back from the brink of death due to CBD oil (33:50-1:18:25) A girl in Reno is trying to scam her friends and family via a GoFundMe she created with the false narrative that she was sold into sex trafficking... the facts don't add up (1:18:26-1:42:35) It's the 20th anniversary of the Heaven's Gate suicides (1:42:36-2:00:00) We have a little bit of Fight Talk (2:00:01-2:40:32) and we end the show with Shotgun Thoughts with Chris Smith (2:40:33-END) All this while progressively getting wasted.