Episode 1: KJRC Channel 6

podcast After These Messages

Episode 1: KJRC Channel 6
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 1 Nov 2015
  • Duration: 05:39

The family is infiltrated by group of undercover cops on their first case.


Twitter: @neumie77


Opening Jingle by Olive Jar Animation Studios

At Home Dog Circumcision Kit- Waking Up by Dexter Britain

Three Sitcoms- Pacific Answers by Phillip Bright and Brennan Johnston

Station Identification- News End Signature by mansardian

The Clean & Jerk- Dick Dagger's Theme by Don Argott

Closing Credits- Trance by Snakecharm

Recorded in the TwistedWave IOS app using a Samson Go Microphone, constructed in GarageBand for IOS, with help from the Azul IOS app and the AudioCopy IOS app.