Episode 15 - The heavy one!

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Episode 15 - The heavy one!
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 7 Mar 2018
  • Duration: 39:40

Welcome to Episode 15 of Advice Just Got Real. Hollie and I talk accidents with children, PTSD, cloth nappies, having babies, and more besides. It's a hard hitting episode this week, with some harrowing dilemmas - but we hope you still find the humour in the serious! As we look forward to the ever-promised Spring weather Hollie and I have spent the week planning for Easter roasts and egg hunts (Aldi has a good chocolate egg selection...) As always we look forward to hearing from you, so send your queries and comments to advicejustgotreal@gmail.com.

Liz and Hollie xx

This week we have been:

- Trying out more roastie recipes (Liz's Xmas attempts still need some improvement!)

- Preparing for Spring weekends by the seaside

- Cooking Mexican food for cub scouts (8 year olds aren't a fan of refried beans it would seem...)

- Embracing the late Winter snow by trying out the 4x4 in the icy forrest tracks