24 | The one where we look Fate in the eye

podcast Adventures in Businessing

24 | The one where we look Fate in the eye
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 26 May 2017
  • Duration: 58:55
In this week's Part 2 story of WP Ninjas, James and Kevin talk candidly about the stages of their business; successes, failures, and general curiosities await.
  • Celebrating renewals and sales.
  • McDonald’s gets frork'd!
  • Making changes in the digital market versus the physical space.
  • Getting your product known
  • Branding
    • Hiring a design team.
    • Enter FocusLab
    • The investment risk and reward of branding.
  • Kevin’s move back to America, from U.K.
  • The impact of James and Kevin finding out they would both become fathers.
    • How that revelation translated into kicking the business into the next gear.
  • Kevin’s plot to influence James into hiring the first employee.
  • Transitioning to the first office space.
  • The impact of annual renewals.
    • How ignorance garnered experience.
  • How Kevin’s daughter, in part, led to a hiring frenzy.
    • The potential hires that did work out…and the ones that didn't.
  • The 2016 office switch.
  • Going back to FocusLab to revamp the UI
    • The intensity and lead up to launch.
    • Launching the 3.0 redesign, reaping the benefits.
  • Bringing on Jon and KR.
  • All business is a risk, there are always investments in startups, and most things are a gamble.
  • The Keystones of Growth