Adrenalin Room Radio with SNR & Friends


Adrenalin Room Radio with SNR & Friends
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  • Episodes: 94
  • Last: 22 Mar 2016
Hi, I'm SNR. I'm from San Francisco and Adrenalin Room Radio is my monthly podcast. Music helps me learn more about myself, my connection to others and life in general. This radio show is my monthly stream of inspiration to you. My favorite styles of music include progressive house, trance, dubstep and hip-hop. Adrenalin Room Radio includes "Adrenalin Boost" and "Flash Forward" tracks, in line with the label's philosophy to create energetic tracks that think forward and outside of the box. An Industry Interview segment is conducted by Rhodes, in which he picks at the brain of someone who is integral to the music industry. Every show is rounded out by a guest mix from an artist that has inspired me lately. Stay up to date with the latest Adrenalin Room news at

Episodes (94)