ADHDcast #025: Savage Mouths

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ADHDcast #025: Savage Mouths
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 25 Nov 2013
  • Duration: n/a
Stove Top Stuffing

Stove Top Stuffing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 ADHDcast EPISODE XXV – Savage Mouths

[audio| titles=ADHDcast 025|artists=D. Lawson-Hart]

Unbuckle your belt, it’s time for a heaping helping of… ADHDcast!

Strap the ole feedbag on with D. the Deejay as he gives his take on The Cuckoos Calling, Divergent, Uglies, Black Jack, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Thirtysomething, Megaman X: Command Mission, and Catching Fire.  Then, we indulge in dessert with Amy Sulam and discuss nightclubs full of glitter-sand, sleeping in bathtubs, sterilizing strangers, The Modelizer, modelling during the Internet Boom, rocking the sweats on days off, stealing cars while interviewing, the many facets of Judaism, spiking the family punch bowl, Toss The Sister, being yelled at in Farsi and/or Hebrew, demystifying race, comedian versus comedienne, gendered routines, book deals, igniting cosmic farts, coming out swinging, minding your own damn business, religion hanging onto your coattails, Mohawk Pope, Sharia law, being a glitter bomb, misanthropic boyfriends, professional collaboration, the evils of smudges, being too smart for douches, what type of supervillains Amy and Paul would be, the amount of socks on the floor being directly proportional to the amount of weiner-touching, punching family members in the face, Labyrinth, and the neverending list of favorites.

Before we let you at the Stove Top stuffing, take a gander at these here credits:

  • Today’s episode features the songs “Amazon Motel” by Bif Naked, and “These Days Are Gone” by GiGi Fouquet, used with permission. Go give them money NOW
  • Most of the *free* music utilized in this podcast is by Url, Coax, Alkor, and Acrilic Colors, available over at, as well as Legend Of Zelda: Saria’s Dubstep by The Painted Pianos (as requested by Amy herself).
  • BONUS GET! This episode features a reading of an excerpt from “Splysrz”, D.’s fifth book. It begins around the 9-minute mark. Available for purchase soon!
  • Be sure to check out the Savage Mouse Comedy website. Because, y’know, reasons. Also hit them up on Facebook.
  • Any questions/suggestions/comments can be submitted to diadae at mail dotkom (that’s an email address I’m spelling out phoenetically to avoid spammbotz), or posted in comments on this blog post. Even if you have audio questions or comments, go right ahead; I can splice them in. This includes questions for any guests, which I’ll bring up next time they’re on the show (if ever… though it’s likely they will be).
  • Don’t forget that you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch VIDEO versions of the interviews! (WARNING: the clips are unedited and will likely take longer to watch than the audio-only versions that I condense down into my podcast releases.)
  • This podcast is NSFW for language and crude humor.
  • This episode clocks in at approximately 2 hours and 42 minutes.
  • ADHDcast is released under Creative Commons.

You’re probably too full, but we do have three kinds of pie for you to chow down on:

ADHDcast Episode 25 Zip files: (mp3) (m4a) (ogg) … and (one long mp3)

Whew! Time to sack out on the couch and watch football until our eyeballs bleed!  Maybe once this tryptophan-induced coma is over, we’ll see you around real soon!


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