Episode 036 – Reunions and Anniversaries

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Episode 036 – Reunions and Anniversaries
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 15 Aug 2016
  • Duration: 01:17:26

Tonight’s episode is one you’ll want to come back and re-visit over and over as we discuss Reunions and Anniversaries.  We swap gossip about our recent high-school reunion, discuss the nature of what a reunion is meant to celebrate, and try to figure out who will be trying to bang who at our future reunions.  We also spent time addressing how these reunions can revolve around anniversaries, what constitutes an anniversary, and how virtual reality could make all of this human re-connection irrelevant before long.  So save the date, find a date, and meet us on this date.

The opening track this week is called “Anniversary Song” by Blanket Music. More of their music can be found Here.


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