What's G? Cocaine.

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What's G? Cocaine.
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  • Published: 27 Mar 2009
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What is it to be a G? To be a Gangster?  Is it to roll a dirty blunt? Is it to sprinkle snow on the peaks? Is it to stay up all weekend having conversations about Polluters of Africa with a complete stranger? Is it to chase a rat around your living room with a hammer and make holes in the floor until you bash its head in? Is it to play pool until the 8ball cracks in half because you secretly hope it is a mini-pinata filled with nose candy? Is it to use a 5'5'' Mexican to wedge the bathroom door shut while you blow lines?  What's G? Do you really want to know? All of the above. Do coke. Coke adds life.  -J.Storchavells