Above Avalon Episode 110: A Double Standard

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Above Avalon Episode 110: A Double Standard
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 28 Oct 2017
  • Duration: 36:41

Apple is a Silicon Valley and Wall Street leader with a bull's-eye on its back, and rightly so. Leaders should be held to a higher standard. Episode 110 is dedicated to discussing how Apple is being held not just to a higher standard, but rather to a double standard. We begin by going over what it means for Apple to face a double standard. The discussion then goes over examples of how companies not named Apple are being graded on a curve. After looking at how Apple's double standard impacts the company's Apple Watch and China narratives in the press, we go over my three theories for why a double standard is being applied to Apple. The episode concludes with a few solutions for removing this double standard. Receive my analysis and perspective on Apple throughout the week via exclusive daily emails. To sign up, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.