Gene Dunn
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  • Published: 1 Mar 2018
  • Duration: 01:29:34

Gene Dunn is a modern day Martial Arts Master who has trained, guided, helped, molded, mentored and changed the lives of thousands of people that have trained and studied under his tutelage.

I am one of them.

It was an honor to have him in for the first of many of our conversations. 

Here's a little bit from his bio: 


Gene Dunn is a lifelong martial arts practitioner, and has dedicated his life to propagation of traditional martial arts to students through safe, effective, non competitive methods. His influence as an instructor and educator now reaches from his home base in Brooklyn – where he has taught for over 20 years – to as far away as Melbourne, Australia.  

He began his martial arts training in Shotokan Karate at the age of 11 and has gone on to achieve the rank of Black Belt in karate under Mr. Toyotaro Miyazaki and Mr. Kai Leung; in judo under Mr. Kyoshi Shiina; and in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Mr. Renzo Gracie.

He also holds the rank of double-black Pra Jiad in Muay Thai under Mr. Jamie Crowder. In addition to working in boxing and wrestling throughout New York City, he has practiced extensively in the art of Kung Fu with Mr. Paul Vizzio and in Tae Kwon Do with Mr. Herb Perez and Mr. Kevin Padilla.