Ethan Herschenfeld

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Ethan Herschenfeld
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 13 Dec 2017
  • Duration: 02:09:18

Ethan Herschenfeld joins T.J. Stone & Afrim Gjonbalaj at the 3PLT studios. He is fun, smart, talented, well educated, handsome, good at a lot of things...basically, the opposite of T.J.


Here's a little bit from Ethan's Bio:




Ethan Herschenfeld is a stand-up comedian, accomplished actor, and award winning Opera singer. In addition to appearing on Girls, Boardwalk EmpireBlue BloodsThe Blacklist, High Maintenance, Power, and Damages, he's sung at the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall and Opera stages around the world. He appears regularly at comedy clubs in NY, LA, and across the country. 

At the age of 6 he discovered that shaving cream makes a convincing old guy beard, and he hasn't stopped performing since. He started singing and acting as a student at Harvard which lead to full time work on stage in New York City. 

Click on shows to see him in person and watch him this year on Deception (ABC) and Happy! (SyFy).