Episode 10: Jeff Hall – 24toDouble Member Insights

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Episode 10:  Jeff Hall – 24toDouble Member Insights
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  • Published: 5 Nov 2015
  • Duration: 46:25

“I pray for my enemies as if they were my own family.”  “I needed to shift my thinking and come to a place of forgiveness.”  David, Book of Solomon as quoted by Pastor Jeff Hall. 

This is another enlightening episode of 24toDouble.  It is with great enthusiasm we introduce Pastor Jeff Hall of Community Faith Church in Holt, MI.  He is currently utilizing all that 24toDouble has to offer. Pastor Hall joins our host Richard Chancy this week and helps other pastors face their fears, doubts, and insecurities when it comes to new, and not so new, challenges that arise in the exciting and powerful world of ministry.  You don't want to miss the dynamic conversation between these two pastors!

Some of the things we talk about in this issue include:

  • Pastor Hall's background
  • 24toDouble member insights
  • Moving the physical location of his church and how that helped his ministry
  • Not everyone sees from the same perspective. How to push forward.
  • Pay attention to the people who want to utilize and gain the rewards of participating in the church.
  • Building growth through hosting events and Pastor breakfasts
  • Maintaining growth and retention of members
  • Acceptance of the current situation and building from that point
  • Finding humility, listening to God, putting words into action
  • The importance of the needs of both the children and adults of the church
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate-Giving others the chance to shine, and bringing a more stress free life to oneself.
  • Utilizing the 24toDouble guidelines and practices for the benefit of the ministry

Key Takeaways:

Today’s episode was filled with hope and thoughtful direction.  This podcast describes in detail some of the tools needed to grow any ministry successfully.  Pastor Hall realizes that it takes something greater than oneself to have growth and success within a church.  He shows us that he was able to find humility, ask for God's help, and utilize the help that was shown to him.

During the podcast it is interesting to hear how Pastor Hall's process took place.  He talks about being a pastor for twelve years, but somehow he felt his ministry was not helping those that needed help the most.  Also, he realized that people were leaving the church in droves.  He called it a Mass Exodus.  When Pastor Hall came to the realization that his way of doing things wasn't working, he decided to utilize the steps laid out in the 24toDouble program.  He regrouped, rebranded, and made a new commitment to give his church whatever was needed so the church would grow and the people in his church would lead more fulfilled lives.  He stuck with the process and continued to move forward.

Pastor Hall's journey has not always been easy.  One of the most important takeaways from this podcast was something everyone can identify with.  What to do when everyone does not get along and sees things from a different perspective.  Pastor Hall celebrates and keeps his people moving forward.  He acknowledges that miracles occur daily.

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