Church Leadership and Growth Podcast Episode 2: Church Growth Q&A With Pastors

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Church Leadership and Growth Podcast Episode 2: Church Growth Q&A With Pastors
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  • Published: 12 Feb 2015
  • Duration: 01:06:47

Episode 2: Church Growth Q&A With Pastors

Join us as Pastor Jerry Lawson and Richard Chancy take church growth questions from pastors covering a wide range of concepts.  These pastors are a part of the 24 to Double church growth system, so some of the questions are specific to the system.  However, most of the questions address every day concerns for pastors world-wide.  We believe you will be blessed by this episode and God will use it to help you get past some of your own struggles in church growth and leadership development.

“We decided every time we talked about 24 to Double we would have a smile on our face and talk about the end – at the end of this thing we are going to have a fully functioning church, where everyone is serving in their area of gifts and passions and we are transforming our community.” – Pastor Jerry Lawson, Daystar Church

In This Episode:

  • What to do for Easter and how to maximize the opportunity
  • The upcoming Easter Day of Fasting for Churches and Their Communities
  • How do you handle people who want to work in ministry but might not be at a level of maturity for leadership?
  • As a new member of 24 to Double – Where do I start?  How do I get this off the ground
  • How to stop doing things ALONE and look for a team response in order to see true church growth
  • How is Daystar preparing for Easter and what are the goals
  • The three questions you should be asking yourself about Easter (or really any special event)
  • How does the 24 to Double model apply to multi-site churches
  • How do we, as pastors, deal with people who want to be in leadership positions but might not be believers or their lifestyle does not align with the Biblical characteristics of leadership
  • How do we best leverage the pastor's breakfast for new visitors – what does that look like
  • How can we better connect with visitors after a big event
  • Jerry – what was your first leadership meeting for 24 to Double like with your team
  • How do you balance rapid deployment of people versus spiritual growth and discipleship
  • How do you determine your target audience for out reach – who is your “Daystar Dan”

Special episode highlights:

One of the big questions that came up this episode is how do you get people to stick around after they come to a big event.  This is a great question, that Jerry had a perfect answer for.  In short his recommendation was to determine what makes people stay at your church.  When you figure out this, you'll also know what makes people leave.  Ultimately, church growth happens with relationships.  People connecting with people is what it's all about.  If your visitors don't connect and form relationships, odds are they will go somewhere they can.  How do you connect with visitors? Do you have a plan?

There are three big questions you should be asking yourself surrounding any big event.

  1. Why would someone come to church for a big event?
  2. Why would they come to MY church?
  3. Why would they come BACK?

The Pre-Easter Fast

At the time of this recording, Easter is right around the corner.  We talked a little bit today about the upcoming pre service Easter fast.  We will take a day to fast as a community for all of our churches and people in our communities.  Easter is an obvious big event for inviting people to your church.  Do you have a plan for how to connect with these people and give them a reason to come back?

We believe that God is going to do great things in our churches this Easter and encourage you to join us in our fast for His movement during our services.  Look for more information on this fast coming soon.

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